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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Music. Music Music

Well The new stuff is out there an here are my picks for a fun dance night.
  1. Bacative - Tricky Meets South Crew  The complete album has kind of what I would call a raggae feel to it, but with the dirty synth in it its definetly Electronic.
  2. Fwd - Daniel Meteo I'm sure that some time early in the evening you will be hearing this one.
  3. Deep Runner - Fenin Another song you will hear early in the evening.
  4. Remedy - Little Boots This is definitly going to be played at your favorite trance club.
  5. Major Tom (Coming Home) - Girls Le Disko [Adam K & Soha radio Edit] I don't know, but if you have not heard this on the radio yet you will. On the other hand they are not a big name like Lady Ga Ga.
  6. Cornucopia - Green Velvet I am sure this one will show up at Ground Zero at some point.
  7. I Promised Myself - BassHunter There are 8 flavors of this song so I am sure you will be hearing it.  I am kind of leanging towards the Hixxy Remix, it a little on the hard dance style.
  8. I'm In The House(The Count a.k.a. Herve's Burning Down Your House Remix) - Steve Aoki Long name for a song, but it seems to have the hooks to get you all moving.
  9. Warp 1.9 (feat. Steve Aoki) - Steve Aoki & the Bloody Beetroots.  I love the stuff the Bloody Beetroots turned out on there last release and this will just add to it.
  10. Broken Tonight (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix) [Feat. VanVelzen] Now this little tune rocks.
If your looking for a great night out check this website out I have seen some of the best club shows with these guys and I always get to meet some great Artists and I have signed CD's to prove it.
 My next blog I will try to cover the new music from across the pond.

Shout out to Nathan Vox  and Hart Thorson