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Monday, December 14, 2009

So what does everyone think about Chris Browns new album "Graffiti," being blackballed or as I call it boycotted by the retailers? I know I will not miss it since I have not purchased a CD in a Wal-Mart / Target / Best Buy in a long time. When you’re a DJ and small potato’s you have to pick and choose from your favorite online store and only pick the hits. If this is truly happening then maybe every rapper that has a criminal record should be pulled off the shelves. I saw a documentary a few days ago on Lil Wayne and he was in Amsterdam for the weed, yes its legal there. When you start to sensor where does it stop, where do you draw the line?

How about Bing Crosby or Joan Crawford ( who are accused of being abusive towards their children. I see their movies still on the shelves or played during the holidays on the Network channels. If you go to Wal-mart I bet your going to find "This is it" and everything else Michael Jackson.

I believe that everyone has choices and if people do not want to buy his album they don’t have to.

If retailers don’t want to carry his music they don’t have to, but their customers will go to the place that has the product that they want.

What type of message are the retailers sending?   It’s ok to be accused of abuseing or molesting children, but don’t you dare hit a woman or we will pull your product.