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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dr Taylor Radio Show on

On Monday nights, January 18th "Martin Luther King Day" show on After Hours Djs I had a great time spinning some of my favorite tracks. Those people in the chat room there really liked the tracks,  I didn't get much reaction from those that follow me in Twitter so I was not sure who was listening. I had titled the show "MLK Tribute or What a Messed Up World", The reason was I started with Martin Luther Kings's speech of "I have a dream" and about 3 min into it I started Backdraft which has kind of a siren type sound giving it a very strange feel since we all know the out come of his life.  I played the complete speach over Backdraft, I just love how it sounds.  I then rolled into "Idiots" which to me is a very humorous song along with "Everything in America". I kind of ended that story line with Future Funk Squad's "About to Fall". The rest of the songs are some of my favorite songs that really need to be played loud. If you listened to the show drop me a line and let me know what you thought.

Here are the tracks
Martin Luther King\ "I Have a Dream"
DJ Ralph 'n' Jo\Backdraft 8'40"
Vandal-Idiots (Audiojack Remix) [Lot49]
Ryan Riback-Everything In America (Luki Remix) [Vinyl Pusher]
Future Funk Squad \ About to Fall (With Beatman & Ludmilla \ About to Fall
Ocean Drive Club Mix
The Prodigy \ Warrior's Dance \Warrior's Dance (Future Funk Squad
Green Velvet \ Flash b2
Bassbin Twins \ Adrenaline ltd - this
The Crystal Method \ Divided By Night \ Double Down Under