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Monday, January 4, 2010

This just in from FireBall Recording

I have made many purchases of music from FireBall, I reall love there stuff.  I just recieved this bit of info a little bit ago.

Fireball Recordings has been going from strength to strength throughout 2009, the decision to stop releasing the beloved black wax and fully concentrate on digital media has thrusted the label to the forefront of the hard dance scene. During the end of 2009 Fireball has been releasing one track per week through all the major digital sites and their 'Worlds On Fire' cd project sold out of volume 1 and 2 in a matter of weeks.

The next major project for Fireball is the 'Battle Royale' collaboration series. Label Manager Ben Stevens has been working frantically in the studio over the past year on 16 collaboration with the cream of the hard dance producers. Volume 1 of the series see's him take on Amber D, UK Gold, Paul Maddox & Adam M in 4 massive studio fights!

You can download the first 2 volumes now:

Volume 1:

Ben Stevens & Amber D - Give It On Up

Ben Stevens & UK Gold - On The Spot

Ben Stevens & Paul Maddox - Melting Pot

Ben Stevens & Adam M - Rock & Raver

Volume 2:

Ben Stevens & Andy Farley - Catwalk

Ben Stevens & Cally Gage - Kick The Flow

Ben Stevens & Karl Davis - Chemical Reaction

Ben Stevens & Manik - Strawberry Jam

It is also that time of year again for the Hard Dance Awards. If you like what we do at Fireball please vote for us in the best label category and Ben Stevens for Best Resident!