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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Introducing Hart Thorson

As part of my goals this year I wanted to start interviewing DJ's I would like to present my first one with Hart Thorson.  As a format I will probably use the same 10 QUESTIONS" for all the DJ's unless someone send me other things they would like to know.

Hart Thorson
I think I had seen Hart many times in the clubs opening for some big name.  But it wasn't till I ran into him at my favorite record store Vital Culture.   And he invited me down to sportsmans to listen to a buch of Dj's playing in a very small room.  I had the best time ever and saw a lot of new inovations being tried by the DJ's.  For this artical I was surfing the web to find mpre info on Hart and  I ran across this information on his MySpace Page.  After seeing many of his shows I have to agree with what I found.

  • "Hard and Driving. Hart's brand of Trance is a breath of fresh air. Wipe away the tears, it's all dark from here on in." -Josh Slivken DC Productions 

  • Hart has been shaping the way people view Trance music for the last 5 years in the Twin Cities. Rolling in with dark hard percussive sounds, followed by sweeping trance melodies, Hart has been fortunate enough to play at almost every spot Minneapolis has to offer. 

  • He has opened for and played shows with the likes of Eddie Halliwell, Dieselboy, Ferry Corsten, Armin Van Buuren, Richard Humpty Vission, Marco V, Chris Liebing, Judge Jules, and more. 

  • After having a three year stint with local electronic music promotion group Sound in Motion, Hart's popularity around the city has risen. His opportunities with this company have lead to him booking/promoting/ and managing.

1. Tell us a bit about yourself...
 I am 26 years old and I am currently living in Minneapolis, MN, I grew up in Bemidji, MN (I don't really recommend visiting there unless you really like walleyes), I really love punk/rock/hardcore/metal and other forms of music, I've been juggling since I was in the 6th grade, and I love me some Chiptole...
2. How did it all begin for you...
I saw a magical movie called Hackers. The first time I heard "Cowgirl" from Underworld I fell in love with electronic music. I really, really got into Prodigy, Underworld, Chemical Brothers, etc. then I started to get into punk rock and the electronic music fell by the wayside. It wasn't until a trip to Germany in my senior year of high school that I found electronic dance music and started to dig into the DJ culture a little more. Ever since then I have been playing music. It will be eight years this August that I have been DJing.

3. You have been an active Dj and a leading figure in the Local Minneapolis scene for many years, Have you thought about going into the studio?

 I have thought about the studio a lot. I just recently bought a new laptop so I really don't have an excuse not too. Despite what some would say I really do believe that you need to produce to "make it" on a global
level. I am interested in it and hopefully in the future it will come to fruition.
4. If you could live in anyplace on earth, where will it be?

 Either Denver, CO or somewhere in California. I really want to at least travel to Australia. I know I'm kind of boring, but oh well right?
5. How has the House/Trance/DnB scene changed throughout the years?

 Well a lot always changes. Producers change, DJs change, the sound changes, people come and go. I feel very fortunate to be able to play music all of the time. I know for me my tastes have changed a ton over the last couple of years. As I have matured I think the music that I am into is just a little deeper than it was a few years back. I think anyone who has heard my mixes throughout the years can really tell that is the case. 
As far as the over all general genre of electronic music is concerned, it goes through as many changes as pop music. All DJ's no matter if you play house/techno/trance/minimal/ or whatever always change with the times. Some people I guess just kind of fall out of it all.
6. What are the positive and negative aspects reflected by these above mentioned changes?

 Well I guess as a positive it weeds out a lot of people who do this for reasons that I don't really care about. There are a lot of folks who want to DJ because they want to look cool or because they think they will get laid or whatever. That has never really been my train of thought. I've always loved performing and I have always loved making people happy through this medium so for me the changes are always great and welcomed.
I just recently made the switch from playing cds to playing on Traktor.  This has given me a new found love for electronic music and DJing altogether.
I can't really think of too many negatives. I guess the only one would be is seeing really great DJs from years ago not evolve with the times and they get lost in the shuffle. I know some guys who I really enjoyed seeing a couple of years ago but their taste never really moved past what they were into at that point. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, what they are into is what they're into, but I don't really get to see a lot of quality sets from them anymore...

7. What do you feel are the criteria's one should obtain in order to make it in this business?

Always do good business. Hands down, end of story. Always be good to people. Don't be a prick, don't lie, keep your promises, and make sure if someone is helping you out make sure they are taken care of.
8. Describe the most rocking stage you played on...

 Hm, I'm not really sure. There have been so many fun parties over the years. I love playing big rooms to a lot of people, but the small room shows with 1-200 people are always the best. It's always so intimate and the energy is always there. I love being able to high five someone over the table. Good times.
9. If you could change one thing about this world what will it be?

 I really will have to think about that one. I'll get back to you on that.

10. Words of Wisdom?

 My word of wisdom is if you are close to me you have probably heard me say this before, I know it will sound a little cheesy but just hang in there with me. DJs, the next time you play a rad gig, take a second, put the headphones down let the track play for a second and just look at the crowd, and take in the moment.  For me at least, that is the greatest thing in the world that I could be doing, so please if you DJ or if you do anything else that you love, take a moment to realize just how awesome it is. 
Hart has just released his second Raise the Dead mix.  If you would like to download it, you can do so.
Hart, I want ot thank you for taking the time to do this with me.  I have been to many of your shows and your always awsome.  For those following my blog when I hear of new shows I will try to get them here first.
Dr Taylor