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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Infected Mushroom @ Epic

I had a good night tonight at Epic, I will tell you why in a little bit why it was not great. The music was all awesome, hats off to all the DJ's. Jeff Hunter did a great job, I love his sets. What I don't understand is why DJ's don't give out CD's like Jeff did tonight. Infected Mushroom was off the hook Crazy. I loved the little Evil Mushrooms on stage and the laser show was a little more then I had ever seen at one of these show. It was very well thought out. Tonight's show was a live set, but being a musician myself I was stuck trying to figure out what was live and what was Memorex. If you get the chance to see there show they do a great job. Since this was my first time ever seeing and hearing them I can't give you a run down of the songs. It was kind of strange I kept thinking I was listening to KMFDM  or Rammstein

The down side of tonight
1) I eventually had people with bad hygiene standing around me

2) A white guy with dread locks who was under age and getting drinks while security was watching. A few times I thought he was going to blow it all out. He was hanging on the monitors to the point that he was pealing the front mesh off of it.

3) A guy pushing maximum density pushed his way to the front and then pushed me and 3 others out of our spot.

4) The special screen used for the Laser Show fell on one side because it looked like a woman by it untied it (but not sure on that).

5) In the VIP/Bottle Service areas they had the rails covered with silver Mylar, which was really cool, but one group took theirs down, and before the end of the show i saw two more go.

What is wrong with all you people? I had a nice spot and I felt violated, which I had never felt before at Epic.
So in short Music was Awesome the crowd sucked.

Dr Taylor