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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paul Oakenfold was off the hook tonight

Tonight was unbelieveable  The lights, The Giant LED wall that was kind of like a jumbo-tron, and the bass.  If you saw me I was the guy standing just left of center stage and I looked like your father.  I had Steph (some girl who must have come from Heaven) on one side of me and Brett (some guy from Eagan) on the other side.  They were text each other the whole night.  I would have traded places with him, but we both would have lost our front spots.  I don't know if the show sold out, but with all my Tweets on Twitter it should have.  The music was Bomb-Bastic from all the DJ's playing, but I do have to ask one question. 

Why do people in the back continue to push towards the stage?  It not like the person that is performing is going to take you home, much less touch you. 

I got the feeling that Paul didn't much care for the spot-light, since it was dark for most of his set, some would say it was to show off the video wall behind him.  When the spot-light did hit him he seem to move back to where it was more dimly lit.  Anyways I am pressed against the stage unable to tell if it was man, woman or beast humping me.  One person kept saying he wanted to be where I was and kept putting his hands in my face to get me to move.  I just don't understand fans and why they have to be so rude to get close to someone that really doesn't care to know them.  Don't get me wrong I have talked with the guys from The Crystal  Method, Felix the Housecat and many others, but they were willing to do that, they don't seem to have an issue with their fans.  When Paul was finished he was gone, never did come in front of the decks.  But man what a show, I will try to post my pics of the Go Go Girls tomorrow.

According to SIM SAVE THE DATES...

3.6... "Save On Saturdays" @ The Lounge
3.8... Fusion sushi - SIN Night featuring SIM djs
3.10... Loco Dice, Martin Buttrich, Livio & Roby @ The Loft (with Particle People)
3.19... Infected Mushroom @ Epic
4.16... Sander van Doorn @ Karma