Wednesday, March 20, 2013

People watching in Paris.

Paris is an interesting city to people watch. Yesterday we counted the number of over weight people we saw and we counted nine, with 7 of them at Starbucks. Non-Caucasian they really impressed me.  Dressed very nicely no thug dressing that I saw.  Art students dressed normally, not haveing coloured hair that screams' look at me im an artist'.  Back to the comment on overweight, I wonder if it comes from the fact that most walk or ride a bike.  Maybe the fact they buy fresh meals from the market.  I bought my som some english cucumber s and I had some oranges,   which were great.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

National institute for the deaf in Paris.

Today we visited tne national institute for the Deaf.  It was a very interesting place.  One room we went into appeared to be the library and it was really small.   I think it could have been the library for the history of the school since its beginning go back to 1760.  The gym area had basketball and rock climbing walls.  Below the gym was a small soccer area.  We are currently on a train to the chateau de Versailles.

Hello from Paris,

Its been a couple of days since we have been here and I thought I should be blogging this.  Paris has this extensive subway system and we travel by train or walked everywhere.   My feet are killing me. Great place for taking pictures, but I am not to sure about shooting street in Paris.