Friday, March 6, 2015

Is Paul Really Dead?

Today lets slip into an unrealistic way of thinking, relax turn off your mind and float down stream.  Today I would like to talk about Sir Paul McCartney.  This subject keeps coming up off and on and it makes me wonder how the stories could have come to be?  According to the film "The Last Testament of George Harrison", which leads you to believe it is narrated by George Harrison.  This mockumentary as it is called could be quite credible, except for one thing.  

If Billy Shears won a look alike contest in order to cover up the fact that Paul died in a car crash with Rita (The meter maid).  How did those creating the cover up luck out to find a look alike with such amazing talent?  Paul McCartney is still going strong today releasing new music and even collaborating with Rap Artists.  John and George have both passed on, but you only see little tours by Ringo at state fairs.  

How would one compare the musical talent of the dead McCartney and the one that supposedly took his place.  After all Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band came from the impostor and everything after that.  

So is music better off today if there was a switch?  Would we still have had such songs as "Hey Jude", "Band on the Run", and "Live and Let Die" if the real Paul didn't die.  So my last question is could anyone have become a Paul McCartney look alike or not just by being surrounded by the others in the band?