Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sunday's Fall Classic

If you missed it last Sundays, Fall Classic at Rum River Bmx it was a great time.  I really enjoyed snapping all the cool pic's and the special races.  I thought the fire department was going to show up for a fire, but it was the free Hamburgers and Hot dog's, they were cooking (they were really good while they lasted). 
One of the Special Races was the TOT's  races,  they were on little pit bikes, trikes and big wheels.  All the kids were great and I swear some of those trophies were bigger then the winners.  Another Special race was the Father's Race, I actually participated in this one, a few of the other guys kind of pushed me into it.  I had the greatest time ever, even though I thought I was going to die.  I am so out of shape it's terrible, by the way I know round is a shape.  I do want to thank Streeter and Ken for getting me to do it.  I know they want me to start racing so they will have someone new to beat, I could maybe be cool with being the next SodBuster Kenny Jay of BMX.

Dr. Taylor
PLUR and Ride till ya Die.