Tuesday, November 30, 2010

BMX Grand National are over.

What does that mean to a BMXer?  Well it normally means the end of the season, but to some it means only a few more races left to get some needed points.

With this being my first year in BMX,  I have met a lot of nice, wonderful and helpful people.  I am starting to figure out the different personality types of BMX parents.

1) The first type of parent are those that constantly scream at there kids to do this and do that.  I see the resentment and pain in the kids eyes.  Yet they do what they are told.  I am not sure how long this type of kid will last in BMX or any sport.  Growing up I always saw these types of kids being the first to drink, then start doing drug.  They felt they were never good enough.  I'm not sure if this type of parent is pushing there kid so they are the best or so they can brag that their kid is the best.

2) The second type of parent is kind of like the first one, but they also give lots of positive strokes.  If you don't pay attention and see the positive strokes you would think they are part of the first group.  I think that this type of parent will do whatever it takes to help their child to be a winner, but at the same time not let the child think all this comes free.  They need to work for their achievements.

3) The third type of parent are those that do the pushing and at the same time they treat their child like a friend.  Their the person with the money to take them anywhere they want to go.  I see this type a parent as being the same as a stage mom, someone living through their child's achievements.  I am guessing that they see it as bonding time.

4) The forth type are the ones that drop the kid at the track and pick them up when they are done.  They may go to the races, but they are not watching or cheering their child on.  When the race is done the child finds them, they don't go to meet them at the finish line.  I don't see many, but I have notice a few.

As for me I am kind of a special case, I could be a 2 or maybe even a 4.  My son is deaf and I could scream at him all I want and it would do no good.  If it were not for all the nice people I have met at the track I have no reason to leave and not be involved.  I take pictures that everyone seems to enjoy.  I even was asked to announce the races one Sunday (I don't envy the regular announcer at all).  I don't care if my son wins or looses, its that he is having fun.  I will point out things he is doing wrong and get advice from others more knowledgeable then myself, after all it is fun to win.  Next year I feel he will be ready to travel away from the home track and start meeting more people around the state and making new friends to talk to on Face Book.

If I had the money for bikes I would probably try it, but I am 50 and have had one heart attack already.  So I am not really sure I want to go there.

Now if any parent reads this that knows me and thinks I am talking about them personally, I am not.  This is strictly observations of the many people I have met this year, I also don't take shots at friends.