Thursday, April 5, 2012

5 things not to have in your portfolio

On The Grid, Scott Kelby had laid out the 5 things you don't want to have in your Portfolio.

  1. Cats. - These are OK for social networks but not your portfolio.
  2. Homeless People
  3. Dead trees, tree stumps. - you may have seen a picture once of a dead tree, but what made it special?
  4. Rail Road Tracks
  5. Flowers
All of these are considered easy, you can find them any where.  It is considered low hanging fruit, your not trying to get something unique. If you take pictures like this, the question is do you want to be a great photographer?  
Great Photographers do what it takes to get the shot.  What does that really mean:
  •  Location, location, location - You need to go someplace that is different or out of the ordinary.  So when your on vacation and you find that out of the way spot that has something interesting you have your spot. 
  • Time - Hopefully you have the luxury of time.  You need to come back to the location at sunrise or sunset.  You will have the best light at these times.  The one problem you may encounter is when you get up early for sunrise, you could end up with a cloudy or overcast morning.  This will create a gray light that would be pretty flat.
  • Learn composition - Learn how to setup the shot and not have stuff that would detract from the photo.  You don't want a lot of clear shy if the picture is about a tomb stone.
If you don't watch The Grid you really should, its a very good and informative program.