Monday, October 20, 2014

Failure, depends on how you see it.

     On Friday I was at a club supporting a friend of mine morally, not necessarily financially.  This Friend of mine does great Dark Art and the stuff that falls out of his head is unbelievable.  One of the side things he does is helps this heavy metal band around this country being the driver, roadie, and selling T-shirts for the Band.  He was telling me a story how he told these guys in The band that they were going no where.  They brushed the big time once with opening for Marilyn Manson, but nothing after that.  All the gigs after that were small clubs as usual.  He told them I'm an artist and i always will be, but what will you be when your 40 or 50?  You will be long forgotten with a few CD's floating around. You may be able to play the old songs, but will you still be able to hear it?  Everyone understands that you don't want to be a sellout, but at some point you need to listen to what is getting radio airplay and how can you tweak your style just to get a taste of it.  To sum it all up my friend is,still and will be an artist, but if the band took his advice they could maybe be huge.

     Another person who was a failure was J K Rowling and here is a link to her story.